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Paying attention to each detail, staying organized and keeping your belongings in perfect condition while in transit is no small task. Properly packing your personal goods is much more than making sure you have a large supply of boxes and tape. Your belongings should be packed using specific techniques, which will help protect them during transport. Additionally, a systematic format should be used while packing and unpacking, so everything is accounted for and placed in the proper area of your new home.

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MidWest Movers Packing Services are Customized, Easy & Flexible

Our packing services are flexible and can be customized to meet your particular needs. Some of our clients choose to do all the packing themselves, some choose our packing services and some clients want do a certain portion of the packing and have our packing professionals finish the rest.
If you are unsure about the right choice for you, your MidWest Movers Expert Relocation Specialist will discuss the subject with you during your free consultation. Of course, we can always offer you several different options with pricing, so you can see how it will affect your overall cost.

Professional Packing Tips:

– Always use high quality packing materials to keep your personal items protected
– Begin planning the packing process early and have a written outline to guide you through the process
– You will need various sizes of boxes, quality packing tape, foam filler and newspaper, a box cutter, several markers and labels
– You will need a copy of the floor plan of the new home to properly organize, plan and deliver items to the right locations
– Use labels and be specific, this will avoid misplacing items
– Make sure you have accounted for items in the backyard, a shed, the attic and any other small areas you may have forgotten about
– If you choose to do the packing yourself, ask our professional long distance movers for packing tips