Moving With Kids


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The moving process can be a challenging time, as it often involves a new career path and getting familiar with a completely new environment. Planning your move, choosing the right moving service provider and ensuring your plan happens without any major problems are certainly important items. However, if you have kids, you need to make their transition and understanding of what is happening a priority. Here are some tips to help you deal with how well your kids handle the moving process.

1. Hold a family meeting and explain why relocation is necessary. If you have accepted a new job or there are other issues that made the move necessary, explain in detail so the kids can understand why the relocation is necessary.

2. Let your kids have some input when selecting a new home. Keep them involved in the process and ask them what their top three favorite things about the new home are and what they do not like as well.

3. Let the kids help with clearing out old items and get ready for the move. Sometimes this works best if you let them know, getting rid of old items means making room for new items! Although, be careful not to over promise and under deliver in this area.

4. Research activities available in the new community, that you do not have available in your current setting. This can give the kids something look forward to and keep them excited about the move.

5. Make a plan to tour all of the new and exciting places around your new community. Make it an entire day out with the family and a day all can look forward to as a reward for a successful move.

Our professional local and long distance movers know how important it is to be positive and keep kids excited about the move. While moving can be difficult, it does not have to be. There are always new adventures, new people and new things a fresh community will offer your kids and your entire family.