Moving Glossary


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Researching local and long distance movers can be difficult if it is your first time dealing with relocating. Therefore, you should be familiar so you can fully understand the conditions of your moving services contract with some terms.

Agent — Local agents or representatives of larger entities that are authorized to act on a moving company’s behalf.

Dolly — A special piece of equipment that allows you to secure and move large items such as appliances and furniture.

Bill of Lading — A contract between the customer and their chosen moving service provider, which is also a receipt.

C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) — Any amount the customer is required to pay at the time items are delivered and unpacked.

Claim – An official statement regarding damages or loss of property while in possession of the moving service.

Department of Transportation (DOT) – The agency that creates and enforces regulations for moving companies within states and nationwide.

Extra pickup or delivery – If arrangements are made for additional pickups/delivery services there may be an additional charge.

Full-replacement value coverage — If an item is damaged; this is the full amount of compensation a customer will receive to purchase a replacement. Insurance coverage may vary based on a per item or per load basis and should be checked with your service provider.

Full-service mover — Full service movers provide local and long distance movers, packing/unpacking services, vehicle transport and full consultation services.

Hourly Rates – If a total cost is not established for a total moving package, rates may be based upon a per hour and per person basis.

Inventory — A list of items to be packed, delivered and unpacked, along with a statement of their current condition if required.

Interstate move — A move across state lines.

Intrastate move — A move that occurs within state borders.

PBO (packed by owner) – A designation used when items will be packed by the owner and not the moving service provider.

Third-party services – Any optional services requested that will be performed by a third-party entity and the moving service provider will not be held responsible.
Van operator – Supervises the loading of all items and responsible for delivery as well as monitoring the unloading process.