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Get Organized & Make a Plan

Completing a successful relocation all starts with getting organized and making a detailed plan. This will help you avoid most of the typical problems that can arise, however, if an issue does occur, you will be prepared to handle it in an efficient manner. If you decide to choose one of our customized moving packages, then of course we will do all of the organizing and planning for you.

Equally important is doing your research and choosing a high quality service that can offer you a full range of options, including experienced local and long distance movers. Our commitment to you starts on day one, with a complete moving consultation with one of our expert relocation specialists. They will take the time to learn about your individual situation, your personal preferences and provide you with several moving packages based on the information you provide.

100% Free Moving Consultation, Multiple Pricing Options & Beginning to Plan Your Move!

There is never a cost for the initial consultation and we will not ask you to make a commitment to our services until you are 100% convinced we are the right fit for your needs. At the initial consultation, you will receive accurate pricing information, a range of general moving information such as packing tips and moving insurance facts and a detailed explanation of our entire moving process.

We believe every client is the most important client and our job is only complete once you are 100% satisfied with our services. Every client’s situation is unique, so in addition to our core moving and packing services, we also offer other options such as storage, vehicle transport and creative solutions to address any requirement you might have.

Start with a MidWest Movers Comprehensive Checklist

A comprehensive and customized checklist is provided to you, once we have completed a thorough review of your moving needs. The checklist will be an actual itemized listing of every detail and task that needs to be addressed, based on your individual moving plan. This checklist will provide a “road map” of the important tasks still pending, and what is already completed. This is an excellent tool to ensure the moving process stays on track and all tasks are 100% complete on the scheduled move date.

Sample Checklist Items/Tasks:

– Organize the checklist into 3 categories-Before moving day, on moving days and after moving day
– Sell, give away or throw out items you do not use or items that are not functioning properly anymore
– Create a file folder with all moving documents, addresses, directions and support phone numbers
– Complete the packing process
– Notify utility companies at both locations to stop/start service
– Forward mail
– Make arrangements for all vehicles to be driven or transported
– Create a file for all important financial documents and keep it with you during the move
– Create a budget worksheet or spreadsheet to track all moving expenses and ensure you are in complete control of the moving budget
– Review progress every few days with your chosen moving company to ensure all parties are aware of the current status and any urgent items that need to be completed

The entire MidWest Movers team looks forward to hearing from you and learning about your relocation needs. Our primary objectives are to provide you with a smooth and stress-free moving experience, while delivering exceptional customer support services at the lowest cost possible.